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Back in August, my friend Magen introduced me to a gym that she'd be working for as a trainer in 2019 called Burn Boot Camp.  It's a primarily all-women's gym that focuses on creating confidence, strength and community.  I knew they'd be offering a 30-day free trial when they opened in Hoover after the new year, so I decided to sign up and support my friend. 

In the meantime, I learned all about the company, the workouts, and the culture, and I became completely enamored with it.  

The workouts were fun, unique, fast-paced, perfect for any fitness level, and focused mostly on high intensity intervals, dumbbell weights, and bodyweight exercises – all things I’ve been doing and really enjoying for years.

What impressed me more than ANYTHING though, was the incredible community and encouragement and sisterhood that seemed to be connected to *every* Burn Boot Camp that I read or heard about.  The culture is what got me.  They’re about being the best YOU from the inside out.  Not just in terms of fitness and nutrition, but mentally, emotionally, and socially.  They understand that you can’t serve your family, friends and community well if you aren’t at your best.  And they do everything they can to support and encourage and push you toward doing just that.   

I would leave the Pop Up camps that they offered leading up to their grand opening on a euphoric high after spending 45 minutes sweating with perfect strangers who immediately felt like friends.  The trainers know your name.  They encourage you to meet the other ladies in your camp. You work as a team.  You encourage each other.  And there are LOTS and LOTS of high fives given all around. 

As much as I love my at-home workouts, I can’t get that social environment just doing my own thing.

I got lucky and won a 3-month membership in one of the Hoover location’s promotions over the holidays and was THRILLED to get to spend a little more time in 2019 doing something that got me so excited!  But the doors hadn’t even OPENED, before I had told everyone I knew about how excited I was about giving this new gym a try.  I even joked to Ben that being a Burn Ambassador (basically a front desk/social media/promotions position) would be a perfect job for me. 

Within two days (without me having asked about it), Magen told me that the Head Trainer thought I’d be a great Burn Ambassador.  She was just being nice and complimentary--She didn’t realize I’d actually want to DO it!  But my response was – if there’s a position available, I might want it!  It turns out there *was* a position--and they asked me to do it. 

Apparently working out for free for three months wasn’t enough for me.  I couldn’t just enjoy it for myself, I wanted to champion it!  I wanted to make it the experience I was so excited about for everyone ELSE who was giving it a try too.

So...sometimes you have to just trust your gut and jump into something that makes you giddy with excitement, even if it doesn't make sense on paper.  

I’ve been in a bit of a rut work-wise and knew I could use something new to get excited about--not to replace my Signs By Andrea work (because, while being a Burn Ambassador is fun, it’s definitely not going to make me rich), but to give my brain a new exercise in creativity.  It'll be part-time and kind of a "hobby job" for me, but definitely a fun thing to add to my work experience (kind of like those Maurices days).

This past week was the Hoover, AL location's Grand Opening week.  And WOWNot only have the last 5 days of workouts been fantastic, but I have had the opportunity to work with, meet, encourage, and get to know a TON of women in our city--not to mention seeing so many of my *already-friends* on a daily basis!!!  There's something about sweating and working side by side that creates instant bonding. Evidently that makes us "Burn Sisters" now.

As a whole, I have been so impressed with the culture of Burn Boot Camp. Truly, from the top down, they champion women to be confident, strong, and healthy from the inside out--physically & mentally. I've spent the past two weeks working with the team. I hear what's going on behind the scenes--and it's for real. It is truly our intent to do everything in our power to help you succeed and ENJOY it.
There are NO mirrors in the gym to make you feel self conscious. There is *every* level of fitness represented side-by-side. There are so many smiles . So many encouraging high fives . Oh, and I've gotten to dance to some pretty great music. (I didn't say I was a *good* dancer...and YOU don't have to dance....I just can't help it.)

And working alongside one of my best friends is a pretty great perk too. :) 

If there's a Burn Boot Camp near you, try it.  You won't regret it.  It's unlike anything I've seen and I'm excited to be a part of it.




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