Afternoon at the Zoo

Today was gorgeous: 76 degrees, sunny, and perfect.  Yes, that's right all you Minnesota folks, Ben was wearing shorts today!  Hard to imagine, I'm sure, but it happened.  Anyhow, since it was so gorgeous we decided to take Ayla to the zoo this afternoon.  It was Ben's first visit, and we had a great time walking around, seeing the animals and enjoying the weather. 

We had a couple of memorable moments while at the zoo.  First, the hippo was being very entertaining and gave us quite a show.  Check out the video by clicking on the photo. 

And next, we saw the evasive cheetah for the first time!  According to my sister-in-law Janel, the cheetah is NEVER out where you can see it, and they had begun to think it wasn't even there at all.  He was there today, sleeping right in the middle of his area, plainly visible.  So I'm wondering if in the mornings (when Janel & the boys usually go to the zoo) if he's got a routine where he hides.  We were there from about 1:30 - 3:30 in the afternoon today.  Could any case, we got to see him and we took a photo for proof that he was there:



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wbcradic said:

That was great hippo footage!

Actually, Winn wore shorts OUTSIDE today too. But not because it was warm. :) We went to the gym tonight to work out, and I guess he thought it was just easier than changing when we got there.

I've been enjoying your blog. Such a nice little way to "keep in touch."

acmickelson said:

Chris and I had to watch it twice we thought it was so funny. It totally sounds like Jabba the Hut - I wonder if that's where they got the sound effect from??? Great camera action!

Ben said:

That jabba-the-hutt laughter you hear is not a sound effect--that's the "I just made a total show out of relieving myself and I think it's hilarious" hippo chuckle that is only found in captivity.

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